Monday, February 4, 2013

The Trouble with Valentine's by Kelly Hunter

The Trouble with Valentine's

Genre - Chick Lit, Mystery

Summary - The perfect Valentine’s gift?

As far as women’s fashion accessories went, he was spectacular. A black-haired, cobalt-eyed, dangerous- looking toy who no doubt warned you outright not to bother playing with him if you didn’t like his rules. He was like a Hermes handbag; women saw and women wanted, even though they knew the price was going to be astronomical.

Hallie Bennett likes a challenge, though – and his offer is tempting: $5,000 if she pretends to be his wife for a week. It might not be the most traditional Valentine’s Day proposal… but she’s hardly a traditional girl. Maybe a week in the high life, with a man to match, will be just the ticket. Just as long as she doesn’t start wishing the ‘I do’ is real…

*Expanded version of Wife for a Week

My Rating - 5stars

My Review - So, I have a little extra insight here because a few years ago I read Wife for a Week, of which this book is an expansion.

This was a great story and had everything extra the original was missing. Hallie is a fantastic character and I see much of myself in her, that might be why I love her so! The shoe shopping is one of my fav scenes! She is just so flighty and feisty and fun!

And I must say my book crush on Nick has only grown!! He is just so delicious!! Sigh...why can't I find a millionaire who needs a pretend wife while shoe shopping? Maybe I need to shop more, yeah that's the ticket!

A fun and fast paced store with snappy dialogue. It warms up in the romance department but never gets too steamy. But I truly don't miss the steam because the story is so good!

Oh, and there is a mystery of a murder plot to solve!! What more could a girl ask for in a book?

The perfect read to kick off February! I am really hoping this is kick starting a series because there were several supporting characters who are screaming for their own books!

Cover Art - Cute illustration that is certainly eye-catching. 

*ARC courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

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