Review Requests/Policy

Are you an author? Do you write romance? Or a book with a romantic element? Well we should talk!!

Yes, I take review requests!! I am a crazy reader and always on the look out for my next book. Sadly, I work at a non-profit and have a limited book budget each month. I like to get creative with things and do galleys and have this little blog. I am always up for free books!!

I post my reviews on Goodreads  Amazon and here if I really liked the book. I am open to posting other locations if the author requests them.

Now, before you send me a book or request here are a few things you should know:

1. I am not the kind of reviewer who regurgitates the book blurb or breaks the story down in a synopsis.

2. I like to keep it simple. Did I like the book, why and why not? How steamy did things get? I am not a writer just a reader so do not expect purple prose in my reviews!

3. I do not do spoilers. I hate having the book given away and try not to do it to others.

4. I give honest but fair reviews. Check out my posts to see examples or see my Goodreads or Amazon reviews.

5. I have a big thing about reading series in order. If you book is not the first book in a set please offer up the whole series for review. And I never believe that a series book can also be a standalone.

6. Give me a little time to read! I am a speed reader but I also have my personal reading I like to squeeze in from time to time!

7. It you have specific materials you would like me to include in a post you need to get them to me in a timely manner.

8. Share the love! I am always open to giveaways of books, ebooks or swag. I don't mind a little myself either!

9. While it seems like I read everything I can be a touch picky. So, do not be offended if I do not choose to review your book. But feel free to try me again on future books.

10. I respond to every request and email I receive. But it might take a day or so, cause I have that good ole day job.

What I enjoy:
Erotic Romance
Urban Fantasy
Menage ( MFM, MMF, MMFM, MMMF...pretty much every combo as long as there is a gal involved)
BDSM (I really like Doms and prefer a spunky gal to a slave)
Light Kink
Alpha Men
Dominant Hero
Sassy Heroine
Shifters (bears are my fav!!!!!!)
Ropes/Hot Wax/ Light flogging

What I do not enjoy:
MM (again not a hard limit cause I have had I few I really liked)
Western Historical (sometimes I can get into these)
Femme Dom

Cheating (and married but separated is cheating to me)
Sadists (I have been known to change my mind if he has a soft underbelly)
Millionaire/Poor girl (I hated Fifty Shades)
Rape (If it is back story or integral to the plot I am not bothered but I do not like reading graphic scenes)
Dark Fantasy
Religious themed romance
Blood Play

Try me...I am always open to new things and who knows I may just love it!

FORMATS- I have a Kindle Fire HD. I prefer mobi or prc. But is you only have PDF that is fine. I also accept gift books from Amazon(same email as my contact). I am a multi-faceted reader and also enjoy audiobooks! So, please feel free to give me happy ears while I torture my self at the gym!

Email requests/books to grapeapril75 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

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  1. Hi, I'm writing under the pen name Caitlyn O'Leary. My MFM HEA, is coming out with Siren on 4/15. It is the first in a Series. The second comes out on 5/15. I would love to send you an ARC. I would also love to do a give away, blog. I read what you said, you can only get to what you can get to. Makes sense to me. :) First book is really touchy/feely. Second book is more action adventure. Third book in series is going to be more funny. Fourth book in series is back to action adventure with BDSM. Hope you will consider me. - Thanks Katie/Caitlyn


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