Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Series Abandoned

 Genre: Futuristic Multicultural Menage

One of the reasons I am a big reader is because I love stories! I absolutely must know what is going to happen! This is one of the top reasons I love series. They keep the story going and share supporting characters lives. It is like visiting with an old friend.

The worst thing that can happen is an author abandoning a series! It leaves the reader hanging in so many ways! I understand your muse leaving you or feeling disillusioned by reviews of lack of readership  But what about the dedicated souls who pushed through the second book because they loved the first one? Where does that leave them when you choose not to write the third book in a trilogy?

Yeah, I am speaking about s specific book series. I won a copy of Spirals by Beth D. Carter and loved it! It was written in a very creative manner and obviously meant to be part of a trilogy. I searched for the second book and the author let me know it was released but not well received. She was kind enough to pass it along  for my perusal. It also seemed to have editing problems and it we clear that the book was guided in a direction other than it was heading toward.

The problems with the second book lead to the third being abandoned. I say what about the loyal reader like myself who is hooked and needs to know that other tale? This is one of those things that will rest in the back of my mind and pop up every now and then. It is sad but true books unfinished keep me up at night. It is like a tv series that ends on a cliffhanger that never gets resolved because it is canceled. They keep me up at night as well!

I beg you authors not to start a series you are not going to finish!! It puts the reader in a bad spot. Once I start a story I must know the ending! Please let your characters guide you and not an editor who is pushing you toward what is hot or popular. I agree with help with writing and but not when the story takes a major hit! It doesn't stop me from still wanting that last book! I will forever be left to wonder!




Kaori Carnelian was only sixteen when Los Angeles was hit by an earthquake that devastated it. With the world trying to recover from a plague that has wiped out half of the population, she learns how to survive by her wits and a great ability to hide, scavenging through what is left of LA.
Years later, the government sends in recon men Sergeants Tobias Noble and Orion West to find any survivors before another earthquake destroys everything. They find her pleasuring herself and instantly both want her. Her world spirals out of control in a very delicious way. But when the men have to go find two others in their regiment that are missing, Kaori has to decide if her love outweighs her instinct for surviving.
Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, menage (m/f/m), voyeurism.
My Review - The only reason this is four stars and not five is because I think there is more story to be told!!! I tried to find if this is a series to no avail. I want to know what happened with the other two rescue teams!!!
I really enjoyed this after the whole end of the world hoopla this week! I was in the right mindset for a good post apocalypse read!! 

There was plenty of steam here but also a well written story to go along with it. Kaori is a tough chick who is perfectly patched with West and Noble! Overall a really well rounded love story with just enough adventure to keep you on the edge of your seat!!!

I really hope there are more!!! Like Sar/Mari/Gabe and Hyde/Evie/Seek stories to fill in the blanks left in this story!!!

  Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Urban Fantasy/Paranormal


All of her life, Evie Rhoton has had visions of the immediate future. Her dreams are of two men, Kristian Seek and Hyde Galloway, and she travels her adult life tracking them down in the post-apocalyptic world after a virus has devastated the population.
She gets a dream that shows the two men in trouble and heads to Los Angeles despite a lot of trepidation. She finds the stoic side of Kris a perfect match for her soul, but questions her idea of love when her attraction for Hyde flares out of control.
The three race against time, trying to save a colony of survivors from the oncoming deadly earthquake. But will Evie's choice of lovers be her destiny or their ultimate destruction?
Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: anal play/intercourse, violence.
My Review - To begin with I want to be clear the writing was great. I was very eager to read the follow-up to Spirals. However it falls short of the mark Many times the book seems confused about whether it is a single couple or a menage. I am told this is due to editing. It is very clear the characters wanted to go in another direction. This makes things difficult as a reader, I can see where the story wants to be and how it would have been better in that direction. I am very sad that the way this book did not take means the third book in the story will not be written.
Regardless of being left hanging the series is worth a serious look!


  1. I agree, haven't happen to me yet but the series addict that I am would drive me crazy if the series was abandoned.

  2. I'm so glad this has never happened to me- even if I don't like a series very much, I read every single book in it. I can't even imagine having to stop because the sequels don't even exist :/


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