Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Semper Fi Hotties!!

I started reading a new series that I adore!! It started out just trying to add a few quick books to my reading list to pad my results for my Book A Day Challenge on Goodreads. So, I picked a series in the 1Night Stand Collection from Decadent Publishing.
I selected Heather Long’s Always a Marine series because the covers are hot and Marines are a wet dream anytime!!
Once Her Man, Always Her Man (1 Night Stand, Always a Marine, #1)Retreat Hell! She Just Got Here (1 Night Stand, Always a Marine, #2)Tell It To The Marine (1 Night Stand, Always A Marine, #3)Proud to Serve Her (1 Night Stand, Always a Marine, #4)Her Marine (1 Night Stand, Always a Marine, #5)No Regrets, No Surrender (Always a Marine #6)The Marine Cowboy (Always a Marine #7)
So yummilicious!! Let me take care of this drool real quick!!
Now at first glance these books are a wham bam thank you ma’am. But there is where you are wrong! There is a terrific story wrapped in this delicious packaging! The characters are well thought out and well written. It was a pleasure to read the stories and I did not even mind that the steamy scenes did not happen until the end in most of the books. But when it got steamy…boy howdy did it get steamy!!
The basic premise is that a group of Marines signed up for the exclusive dating service to help a few fellow Marines get back into the swing of civilian life. Over look the silliness of that situation and the stories are wonderful. They are truly heartfelt read that had so much more depth than I first suspected!
I am in total lust with this series and can not wait for more! They really were quick reads so I probably won’t feel guilty for reading them again!!

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  1. I like the 1NS books I've read so far, and these look cool!



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