Thursday, January 24, 2013

I wanna move to Divine!!!

Divine Creek Ranch series

15 works, 14 primary works

Tucked into the western edge of the rugged Texas Hill Country, Divine is located at the junction of Heather Rainier's romantic imagination and her wildest fantasies. Like many small towns, the citizens of Divine look after each other, gossip about the rule-breakers, and are in each other's business.

Divine has been developing an inner circle of characters involved in polyamorous love relationships, whose main goal is to stay out of the limelight, while staying true to each other and themselves. Judgment and moral outcry make this hard at times, but the lovers do their best to make it worth the effort.
How does a woman inspire two or more men to love her so much that they are willing to share her? Come to Divine, Texas and explore with Heather Rainier why it's possible for one woman to have a heart big enough to love more than one man…(taken straight from the Goodreads series page!)

I love love love this series!!! Fantastic stories and some super hot steamy lovin!!! Great writing and creative scenes! Inventive bedroom and not so bedroom scenes!! Most of the books are menage but some only have one hero to lust over. But the single heroes are man enough to carry through! One of my favorites is Eli Wolf in Her Gentle Giant. What a delicious tall drink of water he makes!! 

Heather Rainier is certainly one of my favorite discoveries authorwise! Her book are always delightful and have refreshingly well though out characters. While there is plenty of steam involved there is more there than just sex!! Sometimes they don't get down to business until halfway through the book! And it is great that the love scenes are not cookie cutter erotica. They are fun and she comes up with some very interesting situations!
For individual book reviews go to my Goodreads and look at the books! 

Oh and I would be remiss if I did not mention all the super hot cover art!! Always something to drool over. I am also very impressed that the women are not all stick figures. Many times you are reading a story about a BBW and there is an practically anorexic chick on the cover!! I especially love the real sized model on His Tattooed Virgin! And the hot tattooed stud!

This series has also introduced me to a fabulous website for sexy lingerie  Hips and Curves has tons of sexy apparel to drool over!

This is the first series I introduced my Gran to this Christmas when I gave her a kindle. She is really loving them! This is her giggling her way through the first book! Love it!!

I can not wait for the next book!! I hope it has three dishy bears who are super protective and perhaps a wayward belly dancer to keep them on their toes!! This wonderful series is published by one of my favorite erotic publishers Siren Publishing.

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