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Character Interview & Giveaway - Jenna Jaxon- ‘Betrayal’

Jenna Jaxon- ‘Betrayal’ Portfolio
Title: Betrayal
Genre: Historical erotic romance
Flame rating: Scorching

Released: 1/31/2014
Publisher: Rising Phoenix Publications


Character Interview Questions – THOMAS

1.  What was your first impression of your writer?  My first impression of Ms. Jaxon was that she knew what she wanted.  She knew what she needed.  And she was going to get it the most direct way possible. I was actually a very minor character in the first few chapters of Time Enough to Love.  If you’ve read Betrothal, you know that I was Alyse’s love interest until she and Geoffrey came to an understanding and fell in love.  Then, early in the chapters that became Book 2, Betrayal, Ms. Jaxon needed a way to get a message from Geoffrey to Alyse.  I spoke right up and said, “I’ll do it!” And that’s how I became a major player in this romantic triangle, because once she had me under her thumb, Ms. Jaxon decided to make our lives much more complicated than the original outline called for. *shakes head ruefully*  All because I volunteered to be a messenger.

2.  How did you and the heroine meet? *chuckles*  She was a new courtier, so of course she was of interest to all the men.  I could have seduced her, but I took pity on her innocent state. *winks* I tend to prefer a well seasoned dish to plain fare.  The first time I think we spoke more than mere pleasantries, was after her betrothal to Geoffrey.  Imagine my astonishment to find the lady had a well honed wit and stabbed me with it. *grin* ‘Twas great fun to bait her, and to watch Geoffrey glower because of it.

3.  What is your greatest strength? Greatest weakness?  How have they shaped your life? I believe my greatest strength is a sharp wit.  I can fight with a sword, but more often the tougher challenge is to prevent a fight by outwitting your opponent.  My greatest weakness is likely letting emotions rule me.  When I can remain detached, I can usually win any confrontation. Unfortunately, I can’t always do that, as I so blatantly proved in Betrayal.

4.  What first drew you to your heroine? Her spirited wit and her sweetness.  An odd combination, perhaps, but she both challenged me and soothed me.  Alyse is a very formidable heroine.

5.  So, in your story, what was the most memorable moment for you? *grins* That would be telling, I’m afraid.  It would not do to give that much away to the readers.  However, I will say the most memorable moment for me was…very memorable.

6.  What do you do for fun?  I ride, I joust, I engage in hand to hand combat.  Indoors there are other, less combative pastimes, although they are just as vigorous--dancing, for one.  Or chess. Among other things.

7. Would you like for your writer to create a sequel for you?  Why or why not?  Betrayal is the middle novella of a series of three, all comprising a larger work called Time Enough to Love.  So technically there will be a sequel to Betrayal.  And I believe there are several other books in the planning stages that utilize the characters in Betrothal and Betrayal.  I look forward to spending more time with Alyse and Geoffrey…rather more with Alyse, if truth be told.  But it is always satisfying to remain in good company.

8.  What is your greatest fear? Being dishonored.  Mine is an old name and I cannot entertain the thought of it being disgraced for any reason.

9.  What do you wear when you go to sleep? *laughs* Why would one wear anything to bed?  It would only impede the major activities one undertakes in a bed.  And it is too much trouble to don a shirt once one has finished those activities.
10.  What is most attractive to you about the opposite sex? Soft rounded curves, a winsome face, and intelligence.
11.  What’s your favorite animal?  My horse, Falcon.
12.  What’s your favorite thing to do on a rainy afternoon? Linger in bed.  There is nothing better than a rainy day spent in bed with a willing woman.

Jenna Jaxon is a multi-published author of historical  and contemporary romance.  She is currently finishing revisions to  her fifth full length novel, To Woo A Wicked Widow, set in Regency England and the first book in her five part series, The Widow’s Club.
Only Marriage Will Do, second book in her Georgian  House of Pleasure series is with the editor. Her medieval trilogy, Time Enough to Love, is being published by Rising Phoenix Publications. Book 1, Betrothal is currently available.  Book 2, Betrayal, will be available at the end of January.
Jenna has been reading and writing historical romance since she was a teenager.  A romantic herself, she has always loved a dark side to the genre, a twist, suspense, a surprise.  She tries to incorporate all of these elements into her own stories. She lives in Virginia with her family and a small menagerie of pets.  When not reading or writing, she indulges her passion for the theatre, working with local theatres as a director.  She often feels she is directing her characters on their own private stage.
She has equated her writing to an addiction to chocolate because once she starts she just can’t stop.
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TWITTER: @Jenna_Jaxon

After a night of passion with her betrothed, Sir Geoffrey Longford, Lady Alyse de Courcy is eagerly looking forward to her wedding.  But when Geoffrey is forced to marry another, a heartbroken and possibly pregnant Alyse finds herself in her own private hell. She must either gamble with her reputation or marry someone she does not love.
A reputed connoisseur of women, Thomas, Lord Braeton, has dallied with many ladies of King Edward’s court, although he has favored none.  However, as Geoffrey’s best friend, Thomas has sworn to serve and protect Alyse, an oath now sorely tested when he agrees to marry her—in name only—to guard her reputation. Yet, as they grow closer, and Thomas discovers Alyse’s sweet but spirited nature, he comes to desire a marriage in truth.  Can he overcome her memory of Geoffrey or is Thomas doomed to burn with passion for a woman he can never possess?

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    1. Thank you, Ella! I thought it fun as well. :) Thanks for the tweet!

  2. Tweeted. I loved Thomas' wit. He won my heart in book two. Now to see what happens in book three!

    1. Mine too, Melissa! He becomes a perfect hero, at least in my eyes. And yes, Book Three is going to be the challenge! :) Thanks so much for coming by!

  3. I think it would be amazing to have lived in the Victorian Era....!

    1. It was a fascinating period, Maria. Women looked so beautiful and were so naughty, even though they had a ton of rules they had to follow. They managed to get around them though. :)

  4. I would pick the time of the Vikings! It seems so exciting!! Thanks for the great giveaway and post!
    Ashley A

    1. That was too wild a time for me, Ashley! LOL But definitely exciting!

  5. Thomas certainly knows what he wants out of life. A warm woman and friendly combat. Sometimes, they're both the same thing. That was a very entertaining interview. I feel like I know Thomas much better now, and I thought I knew him well from both the books!

    1. Thank you, Trish. You've never quite known Thomas until he comes up and whispers in your ear. It was a great interview process, getting to know him better. (Be still my heart!) I've enjoyed him in both books. :) Thanks so much for dropping by to meet him.

  6. I would go back to the Renaissance Era. What a gorgeous time!

  7. You have a horse? I'm so jealous. Sorry, I'm late. I thought I had stopped by, but I was wrong. It's been a great tour. Hope you get lots of sales because I adored both Betrothal and Betrayal and cannot wait for the final book, Beleaguered.

    1. Further comment on the horse. I know he's Thomas' but that means he's yours too. My current characters don't have any horses. Of course they live or work in NYC, a terrible place for horses. And there are horses in NYC, but they aren't happy about it. (I thought I better explain that before you thought me nuts) (or nuttier than you already think me.)

  8. Tweet Tweet! :) I loved the interview and the cover is awesome. I'm a big historical romance reader but I prefer the Dark to Middle Ages as a time period

  9. Great interview and post. If I could transport to any era I'd want to visit Victorian England. I'd love to see it but wouldn't want to stay. I need my modern electronics, lol.


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