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Title: Luminous
Author: Jasmine Angell
Series: The Psyne Series (#1)
Genre: YA Fantasy
Publisher: Saga Ventures, LLC
Release Date: Aug 12 2013
Editions/Formats Available In: eBook
What would you do if the world you loved was taken from you forever?
...and what would you sacrifice to get it back?

Magical, Mythical, Mesmerizing…
A powerful race of beings lives and works among us and we don’t even know it. To us, they are known as mermaids, sirens and water nymphs, but they call themselves the Psyne. They have lived on Earth since ancient times, wield powerful magic and have only one weakness—love.
When Psyne suddenly start disappearing around the globe, the remaining aquatars are evacuated to their home world and a ban is placed on Earth. Ilauria, a devoted servant to the Psyne Council, can’t abide abandoning the missing eight, and with the help of her long-time friend, Shivan, and a subversive member of the Venvian Psyne named Adante, she embarks on a harrowing rescue mission to uncover who or what is powerful enough to subdue her kind.
What Ilauria discovers will cause her to question her loyalties, re-examine her dual nature, and will shake the very foundations of the truths her society holds dear.

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About the Author

Jasmine was born in Tucson, Arizona, the oldest of two children. She spent her teen years living in Phoenix, Arizona and then attended the University of Arizona in Tucson where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing. She married and moved to Salt Lake City, Utah where her husband attended graduate school at the University of Utah. There she adopted a love for the changing seasons, snowboarding and the beauty of the mountains.
She spent several years working on a literary novel but found her heart wasn’t in it. Finally she quit her day job to write full time and embraced her life-long love of fantasy fiction.  She wrote Luminous, the first novel in the Psyne series (pronounced "sign") and followed it up with the sequel, Prism, due out the summer of 2014.  With a third series novel in the works and no end in sight, Jasmine will be spending a great deal of time in the Psyne Universe over the next several years.  When she’s not writing or spending time with her family, she loves to horseback ride, dance, make elaborate costumes just for the fun of it, and is always planning her next decadent tea party.

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Excerpt :  THE ONE

Gavin let his head fall back against the chair.  
Ilauria’s existence proved that mermaids of legend did exist, or at least it was the Psyne who were the original inspiration for them and Meridian was one of them.  He’d worked alongside a magical being from another world for the last two years and hadn’t even realized it.  
He closed his eyes and attempted to come to grips with the information that threatened to blow his perception of reality way out of proportion.
Ilauria was fascinating.  Not only did she possess an inner strength, she’d managed to escape an enemy she’d never seen before and was brave enough to continue to search for her missing sisters despite the very lethal threat the Fury posed to her.  
He’d been surprised to see her doubt herself at dinner.  She’d seemed so confident before but he supposed the Fury poison had taken its toll on her like Shivan had said.
Boy did Shivan have her work cut out for her, mediating Ilauria and Adante.  Although physically she appeared to be in her early-twenties like the other two, she conducted herself with the reserve and wisdom of someone much older.  It was clear that Ilauria valued her opinion and Shivan seemed to be more knowledgeable about the legends than the other two.  
But Adante was the one he couldn’t stop thinking about.  Never in his wildest dreams had he imagined the mermaid who’d rescued him as a boy would appear in the flesh before his very eyes.  She had to be the one with her black hair and those bright blue eyes.  
He’d had a million chances to ask her that evening but he couldn’t bring himself to actually utter the words.  Doubts kept plaguing him.  
She seemed so hostile.  
Would someone who despised humans so much bother to rescue a drowning boy in the middle of the ocean?  
But she didn’t seem to have a problem with Nessa and that gave him hope.  
Even if she did admit to saving him, what then?  He could officially thank her but she obviously hated his guts.  What was he thinking?  
Oh, he knew what he was thinking.  He was infatuated with her.  What did it matter if she saved him or not?  Even if she wasn’t the one, it didn’t change how he felt about her.  
And he couldn’t get her out of his head.  
He chuckled softly about the irony of the situation.  There he was, a man with a crush on a beautiful alien who couldn’t say one nice thing about his species.  
He amazed even himself.  

But she was it for him.  He’d seen her face and her unforgettable eyes in his head every day since she’d rescued him.  She had to be the one.  

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