Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Spotlight - KD McLean & Desmond X. Torres - ANNIK'S STORY

In the legend of Pandora, when she opened the box, sickness, despair and evil were unleashed upon the world.
Overwhelmed by her mother’s medical bills, grad student Annik Dandridge had sex for money. That one decision led to her becoming an Escort or in her own words “a whore”. Using her intelligence she leverages her exotic good looks, becoming the most sought after Escort in her city. Having sex for money pays extremely well. In selling her body, Annik despairs of ever finding someone to love her.
Tom Evans, her best client never got that memo. Despite having loved Annik from the first moment he hired her, he knows there’s too big an age gap. Annik fully understands that nothing permanent could ever result from a successful businessman and a prostitute.
There’s more to the Pandora legend-hope. Is hope enough to fulfill their impossible dreams?
But evil is powerful. Paul Lester personifies it. He has killed many women, just because he likes to. He has plans for the one whore who escaped. On the night Annik’s greatest joy, he puts his plans in motion.
The Story of Annik, the final tale of Pandora’s.

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