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Review - The Accidental Submissive (The Mansion, #1) by Leah J. Michaels

The Accidental Submissive (The Mansion, #1)

What’s a girl to do when fate hands her a look into her darkest fantasies? Grab on with both hands, both cuffed hands. Karen McGuven’s dangerously curious nature has gotten her into trouble before, but this time she’s hit the mother lode. Kneeling on the auction block she hears the gavel hit and SOLD just as the blood drains from her head. What has she gotten herself into now?

When Steven Edwards looks up and sees an angel kneeling on his auction block, he knows something’s wrong. Because the angel on her knees isn’t the pain kitten the auctioneer is selling. When he rescues her from a sadist, he can’t help but want to keep her for himself.

When she finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation, and possibly hunted by the Russian mob, he takes her under his protection. Keeping her close to keep her safe, he doesn’t even mind as she stumbles into his heart.

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~~~~~MY REVIEW~~~~~

The Accidental Submissive (The Mansion, #1)The Accidental Submissive by Leah J. Michaels
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a new author with huge potential!! I really loved the whole story and all the twists and turns. The flow was terrific. I never had a lull where the story lagged.

Karen is a great character, I think I am more than a touch like her myself! The artist who is easily distracted, especially when she gets into her creative headspace. More than a touch curious about all things around her! Very easy for me to relate to!

Steven is a really interesting guy as well. He is in charge of the Mansion and not the typical Billionaire you encounter in erotic romances. I was all about the romance here and the dynamic between the two was fabulous.

It is a split narrative giving you both the main characters points or view, you get an added bonus of some supporting casts thoughts as well. I really love books that are written in this manner but what gets tricky is when it is not clear whose voice you are listening to. It can be a little confusing at times and you have to jump back and reread to be sure. It was a distraction that took me out of the reading but not so much that I could not enjoy the story. This often comes into play with newer authors and I am sure will be remedied with a little more time and writing.

The BDSM is really well handled, at times a touch BDSM 101 but that fits with the nature of the story. You can't have a novice come in and not explain things to her. The scenes are great and have nice variety. A girl gets plenty warm while reading this one!! Yummy steamy scenes are plentiful!

Lots of supporting characters that I can not wait to hear stories for. Really great set up for the series. So many delicious Doms to lust after!!!I am easily addicted after the first book!!! And Ms. Michaels has mad my cyberstalking list!!

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