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Anniversary Bash & Giveaway for Evernight Publishing

The Naughty Fairy Tales line is Evernight’s exclusive series of naughty, twisted tales based loosely on the stories you grew up reading. However, they are not your momma’s fairy tales!
Here’s a taste of Evernight’s newest NFT titles…
Once Upon a Dream, 5
Odette Dubois is running from her past so fast she can't see the future standing right in front of her. Dante Roberson has stood on the outside looking in for far too long. Odette is his and he's going to make sure that she understands that. What will happen when the two collide?
Fearful that her past will come back to haunt her, she refuses to get involved with Dante. She fears her imprisoned ex, Jace Rothbart, and what's he's capable of. He tried to kill her once, why not try again?
Dante he will show Odette she has nothing to fear. When the past sneaks up to haunt them, Odette and Dante must band together with help from their friends to survive.
Be Warned: BDSM, sex toys, spanking, ice play, voyeurism, fff sex 
“Shit! You scared me,” she hissed softly so that her son wouldn’t hear.
“I called your name; you must have been engrossed in deep thought. Why so jumpy, babe?”
“Stop calling me babe and please just back up.”
“O, don’t be like that. I haven’t been this close to you in weeks. What’s the problem?”
With a soft huff, she turned around and turned off the fire under the food. She could tell getting him to just stop without burning the food wasn’t going to be an easy task. He still hadn’t moved, and she gasped suddenly as he once again invaded her space.
He put his hands on her waist and tugged her close. She could feel the hard contours of his body through her thin sundress, and the electric heat of his touch sizzled right down to her clit. His erection pressed into her stomach through his clothing. Damn, I don’t need this, can’t handle his touch.
She pressed her hands to his chest to ward him off. It was too bad for her that his chest was hard as steel and just as hard to budge. She looked up into his handsome face and was mesmerized for a split second until he leaned in to kiss her. She gasped and turned her face away so that his full lips just grazed her cheek.
“The problem is that you’re Jace’s best friend and I’m his…”
She knew she was stretching it. Dante had stopped being friends with Jace a long time ago. She was grasping at straws to keep him safe.
“His ex-wife and he’s my ex-friend. Period. You want this as much as I do.” He grasped her hand in his and placed it on his cock between them, and both of them groaned in unison. “I could take you right here, so hard and so fast our heads would spin. Just think about how good my cock would feel inside you as I thrust so deep. Deep enough that as I kiss you I could fucking taste myself.”
The pressure of his body kept her hand locked against him, and he rocked into her grip. The touch of his lips to her shoulder as he licked and nipped made her heart speed up, and she whimpered. “Tell me you don’t feel our connection. That you don’t desire to be fucked within an inch of your life.”
“No, just enjoy this…us.”
Odette allowed herself to be lulled into the sexual atmosphere between her and Dante. It had been way too long since someone made her body sing like this. Truth of the matter was that Dante had a way of making her forget herself and need things that only he could provide. He was right they had a connection. She’d never denied that. What she shied away from was deepening her relationship with him. She was all wrong for him even if he was all right for her.
“You have me so hard I’m close to shattering into a million pieces.”
That was a big revelation coming from a man who was in control at all times. His dominant side was naturally nurturing, and he cared for those in his life before himself. It was empowering for her to know she brought him to the edge.
Leaning up, she whispered in his ear, “You’d come in my hand if I let you, wouldn’t you?”
“Fuck yes, I’m that ready and in that much of a need for you.”
Always one to improvise she grabbed a few wipes from the container off the counter they were next to and then tucked them between her breasts. They would be used to clean him once he came. His words spurred her on, and she brought her other hand between him as he moved a little away from her and she undid the zipper of his jeans. Glancing down she took her hand and slipped it inside his boxers and freed his cock. He was pierced, and she licked her lips. She stroked the tips of her fingers over the titanium ring. Once she had him fully within her grasp she glanced over her shoulder to check on Jamie. Her son was so engrossed in the television she had every confidence that she could do this quickly.
“You’re leaking…” she whispered softly. He was long and thick, and she loved to look at his cock.
“Yes, I’m leaking for you and because of you. Jerk me off.”
It was a command. What a thrill she received from his commands. She started slowly at first and then sped up, wanting to get him off. His breathing became harsh the closer he got to coming. Faster and faster she stroked, loving that he moved with her rhythm. It didn’t take long from that point, and he was groaning deeply as he shot off.
Odette stroked through his orgasm, milking him of his cum and only stopping when his hands flexed against her waist. It was his way of telling her enough. She released him, took the wipes, and then she cleaned him up and zipped him up. 

Ever wondered why the princess with a pea in her bed really couldn’t sleep? Wonder no more, in No Rest for the Prince’s Virgin you'll discover what the Prince was doing to keep her up all night…
Prince Wilhelm needs to marry, but cannot find a wife to suit. Then on the night of a storm Katrine is swept into his life like magic. He is determined to seduce this beautiful, lost, woman, using all his powers of seduction—including those in the bedroom.
Katrine is no princess and does not feel she deserves the Prince’s attentions. But her fear is not enough to stop her from falling head over heels in love, even though fate and jealous ladies conspire against them. 
Will Katrine and Wilhelm overcome the difficulties they face in order to have a fairy tale ending?
Be Warned: bondage, wax play, anal sex

Wilhelm could last a little longer, he told himself as he moved to the table by the side of the bed. From there he removed a lit candle from its holder, gently rotating his hand to help loosen the dark red wax pooling around the wick. Lifting it up he tilted it just enough that a drop of liquid wax fell through the air landing with a sharp sting on the inside of his forearm. He’d learnt from painful experience not to let it fall where hairs grew. From a slightly higher height he let another drop fall. This time the sting was less sharp. Perfect.
Moving a step closer to the bed he stretched his arm out so the lit candle was raised directly over Katrine’s stomach, the light from the flame casting a soft glow that rippled out around her belly button. Should he start somewhere less sensitive? He took a moment to consider, watching the rise and fall of her soft flesh, her breath even and methodical. Wilhelm loved having the power to decide his next move, especially with Katrine safe behind her blindfold.
As a prince he had never before felt omnipotent, as he did at this moment, granted the privilege of being Katrine’s lover and guide. He could afford some mercy. With only a step, being careful not to jerk the candle, he moved down making Katrine’s thigh his new focus. Mentally measuring the height to be sure the distance matched that during his experimentation on himself he let the first drop fall. The crimson wax was a beautiful splash across Katrine’s milk white skin.
An indrawn breath hissed through her teeth. “What are you doing to me?”
“Did I hurt you?” Wilhelm trusted Katrine to grasp the nuance of the question.
“Yes. No. I don’t know.”
Wilhelm caused another bead of wax to fall. “Do you remember what to say if you want me to stop?”
“Ahhh!” Katrine gasped before answering. Wilhelm held his breath.
“I remember, but I don’t want to say it.”
“You don’t have to say a thing, just feel.” Wilhelm looked admiringly as his work so far then took in the rest of his canvas, still empty. “You’re going to be feeling an awful, or depending how you see it, a delightful, lot.” In a slow sweeping curve he swung his arm leaving a trail of red from thigh to lower right rib cage, the small dots cooling and turning hard quickly.
When the droplets stopped falling Katrine sighed a perfect sigh of pleasure. At least it was pitch-perfect to Wilhelm’s ears.
The pause opened the way for her to break her silence. “Do you remember when you lost your first set of teeth as a child?” It was a rhetorical question, and she gave Wilhelm no time to answer. “I do. I used to love it, the sensation of self-inflicted pain that you could keep testing. There was always the reassurance that you could never go too far, for your tooth would simply fall out if you did. I like this—it is the adult version.”
She was a delight, provoking Wilhelm to laugh openly. “I think your tooth might have come away long before my wax will run out.” He manoeuvred the candle so that a drop of wax fell onto the soft skin of her areola from a great height, smiling to himself at his accuracy.
Katrine let out a cry. Not so impudent now.
Any other plans Wilhelm had thought to indulge in were forgotten as he rained wax across her breasts, fast enough to kiss her skin with a sting but the drops too small to fall like hail. He needed her now. No more play. He needed to be skin to skin, feeling the hard patches of wax between them, not just seeing his mark but feeling the branding he had given his princess, as he buried himself inside her to the hilt.
With a short sharp puff of air, and a pinch to be sure, he extinguished the candle and tossed it aside, not caring where it landed. He climbed onto the bed, stalking up Katrine’s body like the powerful predator he was.
He stretched the length of his body out against hers, letting his weight press them into the mattress, wanting her unable to feel anything but him. He felt no need to ask if she was ready for him. She was splayed wide for both their pleasure, and he was going to take her.
Adjusting his hips and positioning his now throbbing cock, he slammed in, in one thrust.
Still so tight. Oh fuck!
“I’m sorry. Are you all right?”
Katrine’s silence scared Wilhelm. She nodded her head, but it wasn’t enough to reassure him. Shifting his weight to one arm he slipped his fingers under the blindfold and eased it from her head. She stared back at him with wide eyes, the bright green the merest rim around her dark dilated pupils.
“Are you still with me?” he asked.
She flung her arms over his shoulders, digging her fingernails into his skin and dragging them upwards scoring his flesh. He might have driven speech from her, but if that was her response it was no bad thing. “Hold on as tight as you like,” he said, withdrawing his hips and slamming them forward again. Not only did Katrine’s nails dig in tight, she lifted up as much as she was able—her ties having loosened somewhat—and pressed her mouth to his chest, sucking hard.
Wilhelm pounded, all measure of control lost, Katrine’s hips pushing back at him, spurring him on. He never took his eyes from hers. He would see her soul and, completely vulnerable himself, show her his.

The Wolf's Moon by Rebecca Brochu

Silke’s life in her village has not been easy since the death of her parents.  Things only get worse when the local healer takes her under her wing.  Branded a witch and tormented by the other villagers, Silke has resigned herself to living her life alone. 
Then a chance encounter in the woods with a dark and handsome stranger named Raoul throws Silke’s carefully ordered life off balance.  Now she has to deal with the stormy emotions that Raoul brings to life within her as she works at solving the mystery of who’s leaving gifts on her doorstep. 
When the time comes, will Silke be willing to give up everything she’s ever known for a love that’s deeper than she’s ever thought possible?  Or will she reject the gift the wolf’s moon has given her? 
Raoul growls low in his throat and yanks Silke’s body back up against his own as one of his hands forces her head to tilt back.  His lips close over hers, and there’s no hesitation this time, no gentle coaxing or playful teasing.  He dominates her mouth, tongue sweeping in and going deep as he licks at the back of her teeth like he’s chasing her flavor.  Silke gives back as good as she can as she digs her nails into his naked shoulders and returns his passion to the best of her abilities.
Silke almost doesn’t feel it when he begins to move them, but she doesn’t stop him when he begins to pull at her skirt, rucking it up until he can wrap large, hot hands around her thighs.  She moans and clutches at his shoulder harder as he lifts her without any effort and presses her back up against a nearby tree as he steps into the space between her thighs.  Silke gasps, breaking the kiss and bucking her hips up into the cage of his hands as best she can.  She can feel him, can feel his heat as he presses the hard line of his cock against her.
“Raoul!”  Silke cries out and Raoul answers her by dipping his head down to mouth at her neck as he presses his hips down against her.  He racks the vulnerable, pale line of her throat with surprisingly sharp teeth before he soothes the sting with his tongue.
“Silke.”  She hears him murmur against the skin of her throat, but she pays him no mind, too caught up in the pleasure of having him against her.  Then one of his hands shifts and he trails it slowly up the soft flesh of her thigh, fingertips tracing lightly over her skin.  For the first time, despite how much she wants him, she feels uneasy, hesitant.
Raoul makes a soft noise and brings his face back up so he can capture her mouth again in a surprisingly gentle kiss.  When he pulls back his hand has stilled high on her thigh, the ends of his fingers just brushing her curls.

“I won’t take you, Silke, not here, not like this.  Just let me.  Please.”  Raoul sounds almost as if he’s pleading, as if he’s begging her to give him something precious.  Silke doesn’t want to deny him, doesn’t want to deny herself, so she looks him in the eyes and nods.

Giveaway Information:  Evernight Publishing is giving away 1 Samsung Galaxy Tablet, 1 Kindle Paperwhite, 1 Kobo Touch, 1 Amazon $100 gift card and 1Evernight $50 Gift Card and swag pack. *One winner per household per prize. Evernight employees/authors are ineligible to win.*  

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