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Spotlight - Her Ghost Wears Kilts

Her Ghost Wears Kilts
Kathleen Shaputis

Genre:  Paranormal Romance

Publisher:   Crimson Romance
Date of Publication:  August 26, 2013

ISBN: 978-14-4405-7215-9

Number of pages:  240 approximately
Word Count: 69,660

Book Description:

Drag queens, a ghost and murder, oh my. Love spirits through the modern day tale of inheritance and greed, crossing the vale between worlds.
Baillie thought life was content, successful in the Pacific Northwest until her bookshop became haunted. Inheriting a Scottish castle leads her on a wild adventure of Celtic chaos where she meets her gorgeous ghost. Finding her life in danger, Baillie calls the diva squad to the rescue: her friend Gillian Nation and his girls.

Will she choose her normal, safe existence or grab onto an unusual love that makes life magical?

Top 5 Sizzling Seductions of Life with a Hot Ghost

When dealing with a buff and rugged Highlander with rippling abs and chiseled calves who just happened to have died hundred of years ago, you can’t expect the same results as a character stepping out of a steamy erotica. Lord Kai is as virile as a young bull in his prime but a poltergeist, nonetheless.
How then does romance and sexuality flourish in a relationship where the hearts know what they want but the bodies are physically lacking towards a satisfying climax? No mere mortal is needed when sensitive areas are the key to pleasure. Here are some of the top seductions easily applied to any couple but most likely a part of life for the main characters Baillie and Lord Kai in “Her Ghost Wears Kilts.”
1. Washing your hair. A talented deep massage, digging fingers through mounds of frothy shampoo slowly around the scalp is to die for. Sensitive pressure on the back of the neck, ensures clean hair and a neck of relaxed muscles.
2. Feather dusting. Running the tip of a peacock feather over bare skin, starting at the tip of the head and slowly meandering down between the toes creates waves of goose bumps.
3. Foot massage. Relaxing back in a mound of pillows while intense kneading is alternated with soft gentle rubbing melts the entire body.
4. Brushing your hair. Though similar to the shampoo massage, a soft brush through the strands of your hair causes electricity through your body. Gently gliding the brush over and over a single strand before picking up another one steals time away until hours have vanished.
5. Spooning. The treasure of snuggling up next to someone in the sweetness between the sheets can sustain a satisfaction for years.

About the Author:  
Kathleen Shaputis, author/ghostwriter, lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, Bob, where curling up with icy Diet Coke, writing romantic comedies is her ultimate paradise.

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