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Spotlight & Giveaway - THE DEVIL OF CLAN SINCLAIR by Karen Ranney

The Devil of Clan Sinclair
Book One in the Clan Sinclair Series
By: Karen Ranney
Releasing July 30th, 2013

The first in New York Times bestselling author Karen Ranney's brand new Clan Sinclair series. It's true love in the Scottish highlands.
 Virginia Traylor, Countess of Barrett, is in dire straights... Lawrence Traylor's death left his family in a desperate situation. He'd spent his wife's fortune on property that became entailed, passing to his cousin. If Virginia could have an heir before the allotted time was up, the title would remain in the family, but more important they'd have the income from the farms belonging to the estate. Only one problem: Lawrence had never wanted to bed his wife. Who would play surrogate husband?

Enter Macrath Sinclair, the self-made Scottish millionaire and the man with whom Virginia had fallen in love before her father chose Lawrence as her husband. Virginia travels to Scotland, becomes pregnant, and gives birth to a boy - who is promptly stolen by Macrath when he realizes he's become a father.

Virginia travels to Scotland in a desperate attempt to get Macrath to see reason. He must relinquish his son. The world sees the child as the 11th Earl of Barrett.

Another problem: Macrath isn't going to give up his son, and he wasn't all that happy about letting Virginia go, either.

Can they put asside their differences and make their new family work?

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Author Info
Karen Ranney wanted to be a writer from the time she was five years old and filled her Big Chief tablet with stories. People in stories did amazing things and she was too shy to do anything amazing. Years spent in Japan, Paris, and Italy, however, not only fueled her imagination but proved that she wasn't that shy after all. Yet she prefers to keep her current adventures between the covers of her books. Karen lives in San Antonio, Texas, and loves to hear from her readers at karen@karenranney.com
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When Deception Meets Desire
“Why have you come, Virginia?” he asked.
“I want to know what love is like between a man and a woman. Not simply what it felt like to be a frightened miss alone with an angry husband.”
“Was he angry?” he asked.
“It seemed so.” When he didn’t speak, she said, “He took my virtue, Macrath, not my heart. Never my heart.”
He pulled her close slowly, so slowly she might have turned her head or escaped from him easily. She didn’t, only tilted back her head, praying for a kiss.
Softly, he placed his lips on hers. A kiss to reacquaint, an expression of remembrance, and a silent hello, one that didn’t prepare her for the surge of feeling.
The kiss deepened, becoming something she’d never felt, as if their combined need created a maelstrom between them. She was left gasping for breath, but when he would’ve pulled away, she gripped his shirt with both hands and pulled him back to her.
“Teach me,” she whispered. Before the words had totally left her lips, she was airborne, caught up in his arms.
She hadn’t expected this. She’d thought they might escape to his room or her lovely chamber, tiptoeing through this magnificent home like thieves. She’d never thought he would brazenly carry her through the corridors like a drunken bridegroom.
She closed her eyes, hoping none of his servants saw them. Hoping, too, if they did, she didn’t see them.
Her hands still clutched his shirt and she couldn’t release them. Where their bodies touched there was such heat she was warned. This night would not be like her wedding night.
When dawn broke, she wouldn’t be the same woman.

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  1. Karen, have you been to Scotland?

    1. I have - the first time when I ran away from home, rode the Orient Express, then spent the rest of my money to go to Scotland. We were living in Paris at the time, so it wasn't that far.

      The second time was for a month a few years ago. I spent the majority of the time being cold and lost, warmed by the hospitality of every single person I met. I was so impressed with the Scots.

  2. The blurb and excerpt work wonderfully well at tantalizing the reader, leaving me wanting more. Karen, do you write the blurbs or is this done by an editor (or someone else at the publisher's house)?

    1. Karen, I am the world's worst person at writing blurbs. But I do get final say and might tweak a word here or there.

  3. Hey, Karen!

    I must say that you find some really hot places to go. Whew! *fanning self* So proud of you my friend. :-)

  4. This plot sounds so intriguing Karen! I've read several of your books and follow you on your blogs daily. I want to go to Scotland so bad, Ireland too as I have friends there; someday perhaps if I win the lottery, ha, ha, ha!

    1. Stranger things have happened. Crossing fingers for the next Powerball, that you come in second. Ahem, me first.


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