Saturday, July 27, 2013

Shifting Crossroad Series by Zenina Masters - bonus Hot Paranormal Nights Hop giveaway

I just discovered a great new series that has a new twist on paranormal matchmaking! The premise of this series is that some shifters are hard to match and when they can not find a mate in their home region they book a trip to the Shifting Crossroads.

At the Crossroad all species are equal and your mate could be anybody. They men and women meet at the cafe or bar and mingle to see who is a nice fit.

I loved that there were so many different types of shifters in this series. And that they do not share their animals until they have decided to mate. Although, certain traits are obvious and they guess what general type of animal they are dealing with.

All the folks at the Crossroads are great! There are a few permanent fixtures at the who get their mates in the first couple books and reappear later.

The pace of the stories flows nicely. Generally there is some outside force that is a factor in their searching for a mate. And those plots are all resolved neatly by the end of the book.

The ladies are generally independent and a little sassy. My fav type of heroine! And the men are deliciously hot! And convince the gals they should mate.

The steam factor in this series is low. Only because you usually only get one hot and heavy scene. It is usually a real pantie wetter but too short by far.

There are also times when after they have mated the story slows to a crawl. The mating usually happens in about the middle of the book so, you do not want it to slow down after.

Now, I believe firmly in reading series in order. It is one of my quirks. But I can say if you choose to hop around with these books you will not get lost in the story.

I love that each book ends with a little hint of the next book. It is one of those brilliant tricks authors have to draw you in and make you anticipate the next story!

I took the time to check out Ms Masters webpage and discovered that for the next few months a new book will release on the 1st of each month. Yeah!! And there are books scheduled through December! Double Yeah!! I for one will be stalking those release dates!

If you click any book cover that interests you it will take you to the book on Goodreads! Well, when you finish drooling over all those hot male torsos!

So, tell me what is your fav kind of shifter? I will choose one random comment to win  ebook copies of the first two books in the series!


  1. I'm so psyched for Magic Rises to be released this week I'm all into Lion shifters at the moment!

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  2. Wow these sound awesome! I love wolf shifters...they always seem so sensitive to me, even when they've shifted. I need to check out these books though! Thank you so much!

    brooke811 at ymail dot com

  3. I will definitely be checking out this author's books, Thanks for sharing these books. I really love them all, they all have such good reasons to love them, picking just one might offend one of the others and well then they might not let me enjoy them so much. evamillien at gmail dot com


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