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A new Yummilicious Shifter series!!

I recently happened up a new Shifter series from Siren Publishing! Alanea Alder is a new author with serious promise!! If this series is anything to go by I will be reading her for a long time to come!

Fate Knows Best (Kindred of Arkadia, #1)
This is more than the typical shifter series. First it revolves around the town of Arcadia that is surrounded by a protective barrier to keep the shifters safe and secret. There are many different types of shifters here wolves, lions, foxes and the yummy bears who are the town originators and guardians. They coexist but are not overly social until a tiny human joins their ranks!

The first book is Rebecca, the human, and her grumpy a$$ bear Aleks!! I love their whole dynamic and can not wait to hear more of them in future books!! Rebecca is one of those people who everyone is drawn to and brings the shifters together. She is instrumental in reminding them they are humans as well as shifters and should be friends regardless of species.

There is also a great side plot that feels like it is going to carry through the series. Not to give too much away, shifters are disappearing and a menacing character is plotting evil.

The second book takes up in the story where the first left off. Kate and Bran the wolf pack Alphas are the central characters in this story. Kate discovers she has another mate in Caleb and they join in a super hot menage!! There is also loads of intrigue!!

I love that this series is not sticking with just one type of romance. If I understand correctly there will be MF, MFM and possibly MM pairings. I love the mixing and can not wait to see who will be next! It isn't just about the steam though, these are stories that can stand up without the steam. Don't get me wrong steam is always appreciated but I need a good story to wrap around it! And this series delivers in spades!

The town is full of wonderful characters who easily claim your heart and imagination!! There are six more bear brothers who need mates, a sexy Lion alpha and his whole pride looking for ladies or men, and a few adorable foxes!! Oh, I can hardly contain my excitement!!

If you like laughter in your romance this is definitely for you!! It has many laugh out loud moments that remind me of two other favorites of mine Sophie Oak and Molly Harper!

The only negative I have is that the narrative is sketchy at times. There were spots I had to backtrack to find out who was the narrator for a paragraph or thought. An annoyance that I hope will not continue, the author is new and this often happens when they are finding their voice. I am sure it will be resolved by the next book! And as I said is is a minor flaw that takes you out of the story at times.

Alanea has the future book titles up on her website but no details. Com on throw me a bone!! I need some info to keep me holding on until they release!! Or how about a release date so I do not have to religiously stalk her website, blog, facebook, twitter or blog!! I need these details!! I can be semi patient if I have info.

Fate Knows Best (Kindred of Arkadia, #1)Fate Knows Best by Alanea Alder
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was so close to five stars for me, but I could not overlook the jumpy narrative. At times I had to reread a paragraph to figure out who's thoughts they were. A minor annoyance that too me out of the story at times.

Now the good stuff!! I love me a grumpy bear shifter!! Aleks is so deliciously grouchy and cuddle at the same time!! He is just my kind of bear! Add in the sweet tooth and he is right up there with my top five bear shifter loves!! Yummy!! There were a few times when he really stepped in it but the apologies were breathtaking!

Rebecca is a really terrific character, like the folks in town it is hard for a reader not to love her! She had such spirit and spunk! I also loved that she is a bookworm and accepted shifters so easily cause she reads paranormal!

There are so many wonderful side characters in town and I can not wait to read their stories. It is a really quirky sweet place and I think it could easily make my list of towns I wish were more than fictional!

Steamy deliciousness!! And a touch of BDSM to keep it really hot!! You may need a cold shower after the makeup scene!!

The side plot was well paced and supported the story. I can not wait to see where it will all lead. Everything was engaging and never really had a moment where I was bored. There were a few spots where things were repetitive but that is typical in a new author.

I really liked this and can not wait to hear more from this author!! Definitely one to add to my following regiment!

Fated to Be Family (Kindred of Arkadia, #2)Fated to Be Family by Alanea Alder
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What a yummy series!! I am really adoring the whole feel of it! My only complaint is the jumpy narrative at times. Either stick with one voice or make it clear who is narrating at all times. It is a minor inconvenience but enough for me to hold back that fifth star.

Kate and Bran were awesome in the first book and I loved getting to know them better! Add in Caleb and it is a smoking hot menage with two alpha guys and one with a serious dominate streak in the bedroom!!

Kate is independent and can more than hold her own with her two men. We could have had better details in her back story. She was a really kick-a$$ chick and I loved her interactions with everyone in the book.

Bran is a little lacking in the back story department as well. He is super hot and sexy and I was all for the whole thing!! Plus he and Caleb bonded super quickly!! Loved their whole dynamic.

Caleb is a single dad in a new pack who meets his mate, who just happens to have a mate already who is the Alpha(not a spoiler, that is in the blurb). He is looking to find his place in things and puts his foot in his mouth, but quickly works to amend the situation. Oh, and if this were a straight up BDSM book you would be calling him Master!!

Loved the visits with the other characters in town and getting more of their stories!! The side plot with the hyenas was wonderfully paced and engaging! I was on the edge the whole time! Things are really coming to a head and I am eager for the next book!!

The steam was hot and heavy and so delicious!! This is a very active menage!! Like with the past book there is kinky play that borders on BDSM, it is the play without the whole master submissive angle. That is not a complaint just an observation. Sometimes I like the dominant attitude and a bit of spanking with out all the protocols.

Love this naughty series and can not wait to see what is next!! Hope the new book releases soon!!

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