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Guest Post & Giveaway - Armies of Heaven by Jane Kindred

Guest Post and Giveaway – The Armies of Heaven
The Armies of Heaven is the final book in my fantasy trilogy, The House of Arkhangel’sk. While Armies can be read as a standalone, I strongly recommended starting at the beginning to get the full benefit of the story arc and character development. My series tells the story of Anastasia—if Anastasia were an angel, and the Russian empire were the seven princedoms of Heaven. It also tells the story of Gerda and Kay of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen—if Gerda were an angelic grand duchess and Kay were her cousin, enchanted by the queen of the fae who got tired of messing around in human affairs and decided to mess with celestial ones.
It’s also a love story between an angel and a demon—and another demon, who happens to enjoy spanking the first demon—and the platoon of beautiful androgynous male Virtues he leads into battle against a demon revolution and the Host of Heaven.
So to sum up: it’s about Russian history; Danish and Celtic mythology; angels, demons, and fairies; and a love triangle between the heiress of Heaven, a dreadlocked muscle-bound fire demon, and his tattooed demon lover who’s a BDSM dom. And their baby. (Did I forget to mention that?) Oh, yeah: and a computer hacking Romani girl named Love who falls in love with a Russian Orthodox monk after both are whisked away to the celestial plane by vicious Cherubim. All clear?
All righty then. Go forth and read. ;) And don’t forget to enter the blog tour giveaway at the bottom of this post!
The Fallen Queen, The Midnight Court, and The Armies of Heaven are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and your favorite bookstores.
Vasily’s strong arms surrounded me, enveloping me in his comforting heat, when I woke from my latest nightmare shortly before dawn. In the darkness, the glow of aether moved between our skin like lavender bioluminescence beneath the surface of the deep. It still astonished me to realize the blending of our dominant elements of water and fire had come to anything, let alone the elusive fifth element of aether.
His warm lips pressed against my temple. “Belphagor thought you’d want me here when you woke up.” It was a touching gesture on Belphagor’s part. Vasily had been the dark-haired demon’s companion since before I was born. “Same dream?”
I nodded against his tangled fire-red locks, mindful of the spiked piercings adorning the sides of his neck.
“When is that field marshal of yours going to make some progress with this useless angel army and go kick Helga’s ass?” His voice took on the deep, gravelly pitch of emotion only a half-blood firespirit could achieve, as if burning coals shifted in his throat. He wouldn’t say my cousin’s name, and I could hardly blame him. Though Aeval had been the author of his actions, Kae had taken my family from me and tortured Belphagor almost to death. I hadn’t forgiven him his unforgivable crimes; I had only chosen to use every tool at my disposal in the coming war against the armies of Heaven. As the former commander of Queen Aeval’s forces, Kae was an invaluable weapon in my arsenal.
I stroked the pale radiance along Vasily’s arm. “They have to find her first.” Leader of the demon rebellion—and my own childhood nurse—Helga Semyazovna had stolen my child. I swallowed the rage and heartache I could not afford to indulge if I meant to go on. “But she can’t hide much longer if she expects to gain enough support to overthrow the queen. As soon as she shows herself, we’ll make our move.” I only hoped it wouldn’t be the same moment Aeval made hers against Aravoth. We had few enough men as it was without splitting them between two battlefronts.
Now that spring had come to the north, the queen was certain to move against us soon. Aeval wasn’t one to tolerate insubordination, and the princes of Aravoth had made it quite clear they didn’t recognize her sovereignty over the princedom.
It was nearly three months since the mutiny at the Citadel of Gehenna. Sar Sarael of the Virtuous Court of the Elohim had opened his home to us at Pyr Amaravati while we prepared for battle and waited for the thaw. Icebound much of the year among rugged mountains, the rivers of Aravoth were rushing now and all was green. It would only be a matter of days before we heard the clashing, steel-shod hooves of the horses of war.

About The Armies of Heaven, Book Three of The House of Arkhangel’sk
In Heaven, all hell has broken loose…
Full-scale war has broken out in Heaven, and Anazakia must embrace her destiny, leading an army of Virtues into battle against a Host of enemies to restore the House of Arkhangel’sk.
Furious with her for putting her trust in the angel who has done them all irreparable harm, Vasily tries to ignore his growing resentment, while Belphagor returns to the world of Man with a cadre of beautiful androgynous Virtues to restore the sundered alliance between the Fallen and the gypsy underground. Without their help in enlisting the terrestrial forces of Grigori and Nephilim, Anazakia’s Virtues are hopelessly outnumbered.
But there are more things in Heaven and Earth than any of them have dreamt of, and those they cannot see will mean the difference between victory and losing everything.

The Armies of Heaven is available for pre-order from Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Powell’s Books.

About the author:

Jane Kindred is the author of The House of Arkhangel’sk trilogy and The Devil’s Garden. Born in Billings, Montana, she spent her formative years ruining her eyes reading romance novels in the Tucson sun and watching Star Trek marathons in the dark. She now writes to the sound of San Francisco foghorns while two cats slowly but surely edge her off the side of the bed.
You can find Jane on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, and on her website.

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  4. In your books=> sometimes the 'demons' are more angelic than the

    Congratulations Jane..looking forward to reading THE ARMIES OF HEAVEN


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    Thanks for the giveaway!

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