Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A new Divine book...oh hot Damn!!!

Tangled in Divine (Divine Creek Ranch, #14)

Robbed of her family’s legacy, Gwen Henderson blindly sets out to win it back. In Divine she finds employment until she rejoins the rodeo circuit for one more winning year. What she doesn't foresee is getting tangled up with two cowboys who have her yearning for life in Divine when her dreams are in Colorado.

Rolling like a tumbleweed through life, Julián Alvarez takes the chance to be with Gwen, knowing she can’t stay permanently and his heart may be in ruins when she leaves.

Resigned to loneliness, Chris Potter believes his faults and lack of finesse may mean he’ll spend life looking out for others but never knowing love—until the day he sets eyes on a feisty cowgirl named Gwen.

Can she trade her dreams of life in Colorado for love in Divine, Texas—and is she even capable of leaving the two cowboys who have stolen her heart?

Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, public exhibition, bondage, spanking, sex toys, HEA]


Tangled in Divine (Divine Creek Ranch, #14)Tangled in Divine by Heather Rainier
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh boy!!! Reader beware, this one is a marathon not a sprint!! Many Erotica books are quick little reads, not this one!! It was triple the length of a standard erotic romance and trust me you get the bang for your buck!!

I remember Gwen from past Divine books and loved her! She has such sass and wit!! And I am all about an independent lady who speaks her mind! I loved her attitude and could see her easily falling for her men!!

I am only just getting to reading the Lusty series, so I was not familiar with Julian's back story. It didn't really make much difference because this book brings you up to scratch! I loved how steadfast and sincere he was. And who can resist a man with a plan to steal his ladies heart! He was also wonderful at advising his best friend in how to proceed with the relationship!

Chris is a great big teddy bear and definitely "woobie" material! I am all about a gentle giant who can let loose in the bedroom! I also adored his being retaught how to act with a lady!

The whole dynamic was wonderful to read! I was rooting for them all the way! Speaking of roots, holy bedroom hotness!! Ms Rainier definitely pushed the stereotype big men have very it clean...feet! Yowza!!It makes a girl beg the question how much is too much? Oh so yummy!! There were some touches of BDSM with spankings, ropes and blindfolds, oh my! But not too heavy!

With every new book you get to visit with your favorite folks in Divine! It is like you live there! In my mind I do! The author does a great job of drawing you in and making you salivate for more books in the series! Such a tease giving you hints and tastes of future pairings! Love it!!!

I highly recommend this series, but I advise starting at the beginning! If you start here there is just so much you will be missing!

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  1. Wonderful review....this whole series is awesome!
    Hugs xx


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