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WooHoo an MM book that I loved!!

So, I have not really been a fan of the MM genre, I am the kind of reader who likes a character they can pretend to be. I have tried but mostly found that I do not typically enjoy the MM steam without a lady in the mix. Don't get me wrong, I love me some guy on guy action in a menage with a lady watching and helping things along. However, strictly man to man does not really appeal.

My sister on the other hand is a big fan of the genre. She has been telling me for a while that there is a series I need to read. She said there wasn't much man action involved so I might like the books. Today we had a little road trip so she put the first book on to listen as we drove. Josh Lanyon's Somebody Killed His Editor was a revelation!

Pretty much from the start I was hooked! Really great writing and engaging well developed characters! A great mystery plot that kept me on my toes. And not too heavy on the bedroom action.

I loved the book so much I had to grab the next one on Audible to listen to tomorrow!!

The narrator did a great job with the story and nice differentiation in character voices. I did think Holmes sounded younger than his counterpart Moriarity, which was a reverse of their reality. But overall the narration flowed nicely and kept pace with the story.

This was a really mainstream story and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys mysteries. A great tale that transcends sexual orientation. I am definitely converted to a Josh Lanyon fan. I can only hope this series has many more great books to follow!! I may even look into his other series!

Somebody Killed His EditorContemporary Mystery, Amateur Sleuth, Comedy
For sixteen years Christopher (Kit) Holmes has enjoyed a successful career as a mystery writer, thanks to the popularity of elderly spinster sleuth, Miss Butterwith and her ingenious cat, Mr. Pinkerton.  But sales are down in everything but chick lit and Christopher’s new editor doesn’t like geriatric gumshoes.  It’s a pink, pink world for Kit.
Reluctantly the reclusive Christopher agrees to attend a mystery writer’s conference at a remote Northern California winery.  But no sooner does he arrive then the bridge to the outside world washes out. On his trek to the Blue Heron Lodge, Christopher discovers the body of a woman in the woods.  If nearly two decades of mystery-writing are anything to go by, the woman doesn’t appear to have died a natural death.
Thanks to the ongoing storm and washed-out bridge, local law enforcement is not able to come to the rescue. Déjà vu!  It’s practically like all those classic murder mysteries in isolated country manors that Christopher has been penning for sixteen years!  If only Miss Butterwith was on hand. Or even Mr. Pinkerton....

Somebody Killed His Editor (Holmes & Moriarity, #1)Somebody Killed His Editor by Josh Lanyon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well color me happy, I just read an MM book that I liked! More than liked, I loved the whole thing! Perhaps because it was light on the MM steamy stuff. Or maybe because it was a really well written and entertaining story.

From the very beginning I was drawn into the plot and really liked Christopher Holmes. He is very engaging and funny in a self effacing way. You find yourself drawn into his plight as a writer being shelved by his publishing house, newly single and fighting against reinventing himself both on paper and in the flesh.

The murder mystery was well done and had me guessing until close to the end. I loved not being sure who did it but not being totally clueless. There are also many literary references, that as a reader, it was easy to follow.

While Christoper is gay, he is far from stereotypical. He is rather like my gay friends in that he is not overly flamboyant. He is snarky and sarcastic in the most delightful way!

The romance is more back burner and much of the steamy is not spelled out in detail. The hot and heavy scenes were not uncomfortable and were rather light. I am not really into MM scenes, so this book did not put me off it that department.

As an avid reader it is rare that a book surprises me, so kudos to Josh Lanyon for making me take notice. I am definitely grabbing the next book in this series ASAP!

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