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The Daly Way...Yes, Please!

Oh boy, is this a hot and heavy series!! Love the menage action!! Super delicious!! There are currently five books in the series and they are all spicy menage reads! The first book introduces you to the town of Daly and the problem of a ratio of 50 men for every one woman in the town. And how do you solve a problem like that? Sharing of course! Most of the couples are a primary trio with an extra set joining in on occasion. The romance happens quick but that is easy to overlook, you are reading erotic after all! And of the steamy action! They are real pantie droppers!

The newest book is out and it does not disappoint!! Holy Hell is it a hot read!

Briar's Cowboys (Daly Way, #5)Summary - Over a decade ago, Briar Rhodes’ mother dragged her kicking and screaming from Daly. Briar didn’t understand her mother’s sudden hatred of the idyllic town where Briar had lived her entire life. With no other choice but to go, she’d found herself adrift in a city so foreign to her it could never be home.

Now years later, Briar is shocked to inherit a ranch from the father she never knew. However, it’s the foreman, Jax, and his team, Ram, Cannon and Hawk who entrance her. Stunned by the almost immediate attraction, she finds sensual pleasure and sexual satisfaction at their hands—all their hands…and mouths…and bodies.

Suddenly she understands why she was taken away—to protect her from this ménage lifestyle. But she doesn’t want protection; she only wants more. For Briar and her cowboys, the Daly way is the only way.

My Rating - 4stars

My Review - Hell Yeah!! I really like this series even though the romance happens fast. But hey, lust leads to love all the time!

Briar is a great character, I love a strong feisty gal!! And Jax and Ram are delicious! Add Hawk and Cannon on the side and the heat level skyrockets! And yes ladies there is some pantie wetting MM action to observe! Swoon away!

Add in a touch of BDSM play with ropes and blindfolds! Oh and another serious Ridum' Cowgirl scene!! Makes me light headed just thinking about all the delicious naughtiness!

The story isn't overly taxing but keeps you involved. The end was great but has me hoping for Dev's story!! Ms. Paulin you are a naughty tease for that!

Cover Art - Hot as Hades and making me wish I were there! Yummilicious hardly seems to cover it!

My Reviews of the rest of the series - 
Belonging to Them Belonging to Them by Brynn Paulin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Holy hotness!! This starts of the Daly series with a bang! And plenty of banging! You gotta love a town that is so desperate for women that the fellas decide to share!

Hot and steamy seems like an understatement! Rayna certainly has her hands and other things full with these boys!

A nice start to the series and leave you salivating for more!

Cover Art - Absolutely lickable! Yes, Please!

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Plays Well With OthersPlays Well With Others by Brynn Paulin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A hot and yummy addition to the Daly Way series! Super hot cowboys - check, feisty heroine - check, hot and steamy menage action - double check!!

This is a great read and opens up so much for the series! I really hope we see more and especially Paisley's sisters! They need a passel of men as well.

Cover art - yum, yum give me some!

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Fill Her UpFill Her Up by Brynn Paulin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Verity is a great character! A born trouble maker she need Patrick and Sim to ground her! And their buddies helping isn't a bad option!

The real romance involves Verity, Patrick and Sim. That is where the major feelings lay. The buddies are a little bit of extra that is more play than emotions.

Super sexy steamy action!! Hot and heavy! Love the whole thing and can not wait for more of the series!

Cover Art - Nice but it could have been way hotter!

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One for the Team (Daly Way #4)One for the Team by Brynn Paulin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Oh hot damn! This was a super hot and steamy read! The action started pretty quick and was plentiful!

Moon has her hands full with these sexy cowboys! One memorable scene brings new meaning to the phrase "Ridum Cowboy"

It eluded to sexy MM action between the men but never went into detail.

A really quick read but a nice stop in Daly!

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