Friday, February 8, 2013

Keyonna Davis...take me away to Pine Valley!

I am so happy I found this series!! The writing it excellent and the stories really keep you on your toes!

I love the characters and can not wait for the next book! Strong Alpha men who take charge and women who are independent! They can take care of themselves but know when to lean on their fellas.

Oh and the steam is plenty sexy! But honestly the stories are entertaining enough to stand with out it! Click on the photo for each book to read my individual reviews!

If you have not tried Keyonna Davis I highly recommend checking out the first book! You will be hooked!

Nowhere to Hide (Pine Valley #1)

Nowhere to Hide (Pine Valley #1) 
After suffering years in an abusive relationship with her detective boyfriend, Sam, Cane Parker has finally had enough. She finally escapes after six months of planning and ends up in the small town of Pine Valley, Oregon.

Sheriff Duncan Matthews and Deputy Logan Summers are best friends who share everything, including women. They are looking for the perfect woman to settle down with, and when they meet Cane, they know she is the one. Unfortunately, Cane doesn't trust anyone in law enforcement.

Duncan and Logan know they are going to have to work to convince her that she belongs with them, all the while protecting her from a madman who will stop at nothing to get her back.

Note: Extreme explicit violence committed by the villain against the heroine.

Faceless Enemy (Pine Valley #2)

Faceless Enemy (Pine Valley #2)
Chase Matthews dropped everything to move home and take care of his family after his parents died in a tragic car accident. He never thought he would hear from his old life again until he gets a call from his former commanding officer asking for his help to guard his daughter.

Kerri MacGregor didn't have the life that most girls had growing up. While other girls were playing with dolls and learning to wear makeup, she was learning how to shoot guns and wearing camouflage. She never thought escaping a kidnapping would bring her face-to-face with the man that she has had a crush on since she was fourteen.

Chase realizes that Kerri is not the gangly teenager that he first met, and sparks begin to fly between them. Unfortunately, the kidnapper is still out there and wants revenge, and he needs Kerri to get it.

Innocent Secrets (Pine Valley #3)

Innocent Secrets (Pine Valley #3)
Jessica Garrison is an erotic romance writer who considers herself a fraud. She is really a shy librarian and a twenty-five-year-old virgin, not the hot, steamy author that her fans think she is. She has been in love with Riley Matthews since the third grade but is scared to talk to him. In fact, she runs in the other direction whenever he gets near.

Riley Matthews has been fascinated with Jessica ever since he could remember. He just can’t get her to stand still long enough to let her know he’s interested. Finally, home after graduating college, he plans to make her his.

Jessica eventually gets enough courage to stop running and realizes that Riley is the Prince Charming she has dreamed of since she discovered reading and fairy tales. Unfortunately, there is another that wants Jessica. She has attracted a stalker, and he plans to keep her for himself.

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