Tuesday, January 29, 2013

PUP Squad Alpha series Review

Vampires' Witness (PUP Squad Alpha, #1)Warlock's Way (PUP Squad Alpha, #5)Demon's Embrace (PUP Squad Alpha, #2)Wolves' Bite (PUP Squad Alpha, #6)I love me some paranormal hotties!! And this whole series is great! And it is all menage...double the pleasure double the fun!!

The books start with a bang and a mystery. The PUP Squad is like the police of the supernatural world. So many hotties to choose from. Vampires, Warlocks and Weres...oh my!

Angel's Touch (PUP Squad Alpha, #7)Sure the books have story arc flaws but if you can overlook minor annoyances the series is great!. Well planned stories that interconnect nicely. Each heroine needs saving but has her own strength in the end. The guys have personal drama they need to overcome to win their woman.

Sorry MM lovers these fellas are strictly about the ladies! Oh but the steam is a flowing ! Who said you can't get busy while in danger! That is the best time!!

Dragon's Fire (PUP Squad Alpha #3)The mystery elements are nicely done although the story could have had a little more meat on it. But it was still entertaining.

Abby Blake has several other series out but this was my favorite. The others are interesting but not as well done. She improves with each new book. Definitely one to watch!!

The cover art is super hot!! I mean lick the screen if you must! Very lustable!

Definitely worth a read! take a trip over to Siren Publishing to pick them up!
Oracles' Light  (PUP Squad Alpha #8)
Bears' Claim (PUP Squad Alpha 4)    

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